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InterCasino released some new games for it’s customers to try out. Two new 9-line slots, Thor and Silver Surfer from Marvel comics were added to their already impressive array of casino games. But the one that really caught my eye was the all-new Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker.

As I play a lot of Texas Hold’em poker (both online and at casinos), it intrigued me to see what this casino version of my favourite game was all about. I didn’t have high expectations, but let me warn you – if you like poker, this is the most addictive casino game you will ever play. I intended to just play a few hands, so I could write a review. Two hours later, and I’m reluctantly Casino Tropez calling it quits to finish this assessment.

To play the game, you have to play an Ante bet of $2 or more. If you don’t like your hand, you can fold at that point, otherwise you can see a flop (first three community cards) by doubling your ante bet. If you’re liking your chances, you can bet again for the turn (4th community card). You can bet again for the river (5th community card) or you can check again and see a showdown. A showdown is where your hand competes against the dealer’s hand for the best five-card poker hand. It’s that simple.

There is also a bonus bet you can make (minimum $1) which pays the following on your two-card hand:

22-TT (pairs) – 3:1

AQ/AJ unsuited (Ace-Queen/Ace-Jack) – 5:1

KK/QQ/JJ (pairs) – 10:1

AK unsuited (Ace-King unsuited) – 15:1

AQ/AJ suited – 20:1

AK suited – 25:1

AA (player’s hand only) – 30:1

AA (player’s AND dealer’s hand) – 1000:1

This is the most addictive casino game I have ever played – I’m going to sneak in a few more hands of practice as InterCasino is having their first ever Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker Tournament in June.

Ed note: Join John playing the addicting Texas Holdem Bonus Poker at InterCasino