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Playtech is widely regarded as the world’s premier online casino software provider, but the team at Playtech isn’t resting on their laurels. With Microgaming and Cryptologic on their heels, releasing new games all the time, the Playtech design team has come up with a new, exclusive game which is sure to be a winner with gamblers.

Tequila Poker is a game designed to take advantage of the seemingly ever-increasing popularity of poker throughout the world. Tequila Poker is a unique card game which offers players two game modes, High Tequila mode which is a points style of game and Tequila Poker mode, which is a poker style game.

Tequila 32 Vegas

Poker is played using a single deck of cards. Every round, the player is initially dealt four cards and can opt to either continue the hand based on High Tequila or Tequila Poker rules, or the player can fold their hand and forfeit their Ante. If the player chooses to continue with the hand, he/she must double their Ante bet and they get two more cards to create the final outcome. The final five-card hand is chosen from the six cards dealt in total. If the player chose High Tequila rules, the combined value of the five highest ranking cards out of the six is calculated with a total of 46 or better considered a winning hand. In Tequila Poker, the best five-card poker hand is chosen from the six cards (flushes, straights, full houses, etc.) with a pair of Aces or higher considered a winning hand. Winning hands are paid out at different rates, with the highest payouts being 200:1 for a Royal Flush in Tequila Poker mode and 200:1 for a point score of 54 in High Tequila mode.

Tequila Poker is the second exclusive card game released by Playtech after the huge success of Blackjack Switch. Both of these games are only available to online casinos using the Playtech software. Tequila Poker premiered at the Hard Rock Casino in Las Vegas, and has been accepted by the Nevada Gaming Commission for deployment in various land-based casinos throughout Las Vegas.

Avigur Zmora, CEO of Playtech, commented on the new game release: “Tequila Poker is another great example of Playtech’s commitment to the success of their licensees. We are happy to be able to increase the frequency of casino games releases, and even more so when we are able to release exclusive games for the sole use of our licensees. This new addition to our casino games portfolio is expected to attract both existing and prospective players. The benefit is two-fold – a new exciting game and a great marketing tool bound to attract many new players due to its exclusivity.”

Playtech develops software platforms for the online gambling industry, including a poker platform used by the iGamingNetwork. However, they are best known for their online casino software, which really is

in a class of its own. Playtech was founded in 1999 and recently floated on the London stock exchange with great success.

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